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The Subsidiary’s history

 The first known regulation concerning the tidiness and cleanliness of the city streets appeared in the oldest surviving City Statute, which dates back to 1425 and was enacted by the Gradec City Hall:

“No man should dare in any way dispose of or bury in the city streets garbage, popularly known as 'smeti’', swept up at their homes, dishwater, or any other refuse, in particular ashes, popularly known as 'perilo' or 'poplati'. No one should dare to commit the above in any way. Should anyone disobey this order, they shall pay a fine of sixty denars the first time, a fine of 120 denars the second time, and a greater penalty the third time.”  

The city-owned garbage collection and street sweeping company traces its roots back to 1923, when garbage collection in the City became the responsibility of the company Gradska ekonomija. This company was set up in 1915, and in 1919 it became an independent city-owned farming company based on city land in Kajzerica. In 1924, Gradska ekonomija made its first balance sheet, which was added to the City Hall’s balance sheet together with the sheets of the other city-owned companies.

Until 1947, municipal hygiene in Zagreb had been the responsibility of the city authorities. The municipal company Čistoća Zagreb was set up in 1947. The company became an institution, and as of 1953 it enjoyed the status of an independently financed institution. The company Cesta was set up at the same time, also as an independently financed institution. It was responsible for some of our present-day services, including washing, watering and sweeping public traffic areas.  
 The company was entered into the registry of commercial organisations maintained by the District Commercial Court in Zagreb on 23 July 1956. The entry on its incorporation dates back to 10 December 1966. From that moment, the full name of the company was Čistoća, komunalno poduzeće grada i odvoz otpadaka u Zagrebu (City Municipal Company and Waste Collection in Zagreb).

In the period between 1 January 1976 and 30 June 1980, the municipal company Čistoća Zagreb was merged with the labour organisation Vodovod-Kanalizacija-Čistoća under the name OOUR (Basic Organisation of Associated Labour) Čistoća. As of 1 July 1980, it operated as Komunalna radna organizacija (Municipal Labour Organisation) Čistoća Zagreb.

 Pursuant to the decision of the Assembly of the City of Zagreb as its founder dated 25 April 1990, Čistoća poduzeće s.p.o. Zagreb became a state-owned company.  

 In early 2001, by virtue of a decision of the Assembly of the City of Zagreb, Čistoća was merged with city-owned companies ZGO, gospodarenje otpadom i zaštita okoliša d.o.o. (Waste Management and Environmental Protection) and T.D. Prigorac, expanding the company’s business.

By virtue of a decision of the Commercial Court in Zagreb dated 3 July 2006, T.D. Čistoća d.o.o. was merged with Gradsko komunalno gospodarstvo d.o.o. from Zagreb and operated as its subsidiary from this moment on.

By virtue of the decision of the Commercial Court in Zagreb dated 2 January 2007, Čistoća became a part of Zagreb City Holding Ltd and has been operating as its subsidiary since then.