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I no longer live at my old address, do not use this property any more, or no longer have my place of residence registered at this address. What do I have to do to stop paying mixed municipal waste collection and disposal charges?

Customers are under obligation to notify Zagreb City Holding Ltd, Subsidiary Čistoća of any customer or property status changes affecting mutual relations in the delivery and use of our services (changes in lease, ownership, or use of a property, demolition etc) within 15 days of the change occurring (field survey report or written form, appropriate documentation enclosed). Failure to do so will result in the customer’s obligation to settle all charges incurred before the changes in question were registered. You are also required to submit the Name Change Form (Form).

Customers who will not use their property for more than three continual months can temporarily suspend billing by filling in the Temporary Billing Suspension Form for the Public Service of Mixed Municipal Waste Collection for Customers Temporarily Not Using Their Properties, and submitting the required documentation (Form).

The required documentation can be submitted:
  • By mail: Zagreb City Holding Ltd, Subsidiary Čistoća, Radnička cesta 82, Zagreb;
  • In person at our desk: Zagreb City Holding Ltd Customer Centre, Ulica grada Vukovara 41, or Zagreb or City Housing and Municipal Services Company Info Centre, Savska cesta 1, Zagreb.