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Where should I keep paper and biowaste bins?

Bins for separate collection of biodegradable municipal waste must be kept at service user’s point of charge, in locked waste rooms, basements, doorways or fenced yards intended for that purpose, i.e. in areas which are adequate for preventing any third-party access. When a bin cannot be placed at the service user’s point of charge, they can be placed in public areas at the smallest possible distance from the main entrance of the property constituting a point of charge that is accessible to Čistoća’s vehicles (Article 7, paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Decision  on the Manner of Providing Public Services of Collecting Mixed and Biodegradable Municipal Waste and Services in Connection with Public Services in the City of Zagreb (Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb 2/18) ). Annex 2 of said Decision, i.e. General Terms and Conditions of the contract concluded with service users stipulate that in the event that a waste collection site is not located in a public area, the service user is obligated to enable the public service provider to access the waste collection site. This means that on the day of collection, bins must be available for unloading, or, if a bin is located in a waste room, the waste room must be unlocked in order to perform the unloading services.