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2012. - 2015.

Zagreb City Holding Ltd, Subsidiary Čistoća is a part of the consortium in the Clean Fleets project, co-funded by the European Commission from the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. The project is based on Directive 2009/33/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the promotion of clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles. Clean vehicle selection criteria include: minimal energy consumption, minimal carbon dioxide (CO2) emission, and minimal nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and particulate emissions.

In addition to Zagreb City Holding Ltd, the project consortium is composed of partners from eight European countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, Netherlands, Romania, Great Britain, Italy and Spain).

The project started in 2012 and lasts for three years.

The implementation of the project will help public administration bodies and fleet managers implement Directive 2009/33/EC, which has been incorporated into the national legislations of all EU member states:
  • by providing technical support in vehicle procurement procedures,
  • by training the staff participating in the implementation of the procedures,
  • by providing opportunities to exchange information and specific advice to all organizations that are under obligation to comply with the Directive.

The project will also help the organizations that have taken things one step further from complying with the Directive, offering innovative ways to procure or lease clean and energy-efficient vehicles.

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