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Our customers can get a digital copy of the One Utility Bill and all information required to make payment through the e-Citizens system. To access the e-Citizens system, you must register with the Financial Agency (FINA) and obtain the credentials required to access the system. More detailed information about the registration process is available on the website of the e-Citizens system: The new e-service “Municipal Services and Fees” is available in the Housing and Environment section of the e-Citizens system as of 10 January 2016. When you sign up for this service, you decide how you wish to receive the One Utility Bill in the future. If you wish to receive it in digital form only, select the object in question and click the appropriate field.  The One Utility Bill will no longer be printed and mailed to you for the selected objects in the next billing period. It will be delivered to your Personal User Mailbox in PDF form and you can use it to pay your bill.