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Waste management is based on abidance by widely accepted principles of environmental protection, defined by special regulations, abidance by international environmental protection law principles, and abidance by scientific findings and globally accepted best practices, in particular the following principles:
  • The polluter pays - the waste holder bears all costs of preventive measures and waste disposal measures and waste management costs not covered by proceeds from waste processing, and is financially liable for implementing prevention and remediation measures for environmental damage that his waste caused or could have caused,
  • Producer responsibility - the producer of the product that the waste originates from is responsible for selecting the most environmentally friendly solution in line with the product’s characteristics and production technology, including product life and the use of the best technology available,
  • Vicinity - waste recovery and/or disposal should take place at the closest appropriate facility or installation, taking into account economic efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Requirements at national level must be met while planning waste storage, recovery and/or disposal facilities.