Preskočite na glavni sadržaj
2011. - 2014.

Zagreb City Holding Ltd, Subsidiary Čistoća is a member of the consortium of the Urban Biogas project, funded by the EU from the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

The project supports the development of biomethane production from city waste. The biomethane thus produced would be pumped into the natural gas network and used to power public transit vehicles in 5 targeted European cities. It includes the organisation of more than 130 events, including workshops, task force meetings, study trips, and visits between cities and municipalities participating in the project: City of Zagreb, City of Graz (Austria), City of Rzeszow (Poland), City of Valmiera (Latvia) and Municipality of Abrantes (Portugal). The project consists of 9 primary work assignments grouped into three main groups:
  1. Separate waste collection
  2. Biogas production
  3. Use of biogas as a biofuel or a natural gas replacement.

The project is centred on the development of five “Waste to Biomethane” market concepts that would contribute to the attainment of European objectives in waste disposal and the generation of energy from renewable sources.

Project duration is from 2011 to 2014.  

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