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Which waste is considered biowaste? Which waste is disposed of in the brown bin?

Biowaste includes kitchen waste (food preparation waste) and garden waste or green waste. It accounts for almost a third of total household waste and represents an important raw material for production of high-quality compost.
The following waste is disposed in the brown containers:
  • Kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, teabags, leftover bread, leaves of lettuce, cabbage, chard and alike) ,
  • garden waste or green waste (wilted flowers, twigs, grass and hedge clippings, pot soil, fruit and vegetable scraps and alike),
  • small quantities of other biological waste (tree bark, hair, sawdust, paper tissues, pine needles, small quantities of paper used to wrap kitchen scraps).
The following waste is not to be disposed in the brown containers:
  • Leftover thermally processed food
  • Meat, fish, bones, skin
  • Dairy products, oils and fats
  • Ash, packaging (cardboard, glass, plastic), rubber, hazardous waste
  • Stained or lacquered wood
  • Clothes, cigarettes and other similar material