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Containers for separate waste collection obtained by The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF)

2020. - 2021.

Within the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020 and Specific Objective 6i1 - Reducing the quantities of landfilled waste, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development announced on November 27 2018 a limited negotiating procedure for the submission of project proposals for the project of procurement of containers for separate collection of municipal waste, and that are: waste paper and cardboard, waste plastics, waste glass and biowaste.

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has applied on behalf of 407 local government units that have expressed their interest and met the requirements for the project.

The aim of this project is to establish waste separation at the source of generation in order to reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste generated, reduce the share of biodegradable municipal waste in the generated mixed municipal waste, increase the amount of recyclable waste and fulfill the obligation of the Republic of Croatia to ensure separate collection and recycling of waste plastics, waste glass and biowaste, and waste classified in special waste categories.

The City of Zagreb submitted to this Call and, together with the Zagreb City Holding Ltd. – Subsidiary Čistoća, exercised the right to a total of 64,900 containers for separate collection of useful waste, as follows:
  1. Bin volume 80 l, 120 l, and 240 l
  • 80 l: 10,000 for biowaste
  • 120 l: 29,500 in total (20,000 fot paper, 1,500 for plastic, and 8,000 for biowaste)
  • 240 l: 6,500 in total (5,000 for paper, 500 for plastic, and 1,000 for biowaste)
  1. Container volume 1,100 l
  • 1,100 l: 15,000 in total (8,000 for paper, 5,000 for plastic, and 2,000 for biowaste)
  1. Container volume 2,500 l and 3,000 l
  • 2,5 m3: 1,500 in total (500 for paper and 1,000 for plastic)
  • 3,0 m3: 2,400 in total (1,000 for paper and 1,400 for plastic).
The total value of the containers for the City of Zagreb is approx. HRK 70 million. The EU co-funded the project in the amount of 85% and the City of Zagreb 15% of the project value.

Below is the tabulation of containers that will be delivered to the City of Zagreb on this Call.
Containers obtained by EPEEF
 Volume of containers  Paper &cardboard (pcs)  Plastics (pcs)  Biowaste (pcs)  Total (pcs)
 80 l  0  0  10,000  10.000
 120 l  20,000  1,500  8,000  29,500
 240 l  5,000  500  1,000  6,500
 1,100 l  8,000  5,000  2,000  15,000
 2 - 2,5 m3  500  1,000  0  1,500
 2,5 - 3,2 m3  1,000  1.400  0  2,400
 TOTAL  34,500  9,400  21,000  64,900
The delivery of the received containers started in February 2020, and is still ongoing for certain containers.

In 2021, the Subsidiary Čistoća started replacing the old containers with new containers for separate waste collection, obtained under this project.