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Separate waste collection

There are some 3,400 separate waste collection containers in public areas, ten stationary recycling centres and nine mobile recycling centres.

Separate paper collection from individual customers started in 2016 and separate biowaste, plastic and metal packaging collection started in 2019. Bulky waste collection from households has been organized as per the applications submitted by customers, two times a year. All separately collected types of waste are handed over to authorized recovery centres for further treatment.

Find the locations of waste paper, plastic, glass, and textile recycling bins in public areas and all recycling centres in the City of Zagreb on the map. The map is updated regularly.

Click on the square in the upper right corner of the map window for a full-screen map view. Enter your address to view the recycling bins closest to you. In addition to the visual of the recycling bin locations, the map also offers the address of the map or recycling centre. Click on individual bins to view this information. Choose the types of recycling bins you wish to see on the map on the menu on the left.