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There is a “recycling island” near my home. Do I have to use the paper bin I received?

On 30 January 2018, Zagreb City Assembly adopted the Decision on the Manner of Providing Public Services of Collecting Mixed and Biodegradable Municipal Waste and Services in Connection with Public Services in the City of Zagreb (Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb 2/18). Pursuant to the Decision, subsidiary Čistoća, as a public service provider, must provide for separate handover/collection of mixed municipal waste at service users’ homes, as well as separate handover/collection of biodegradable municipal waste (biowaste and waste paper) in bins at service users’ homes. Contractual penalty stipulated by said Decision in relation to the failure to use the public service and the failure to hand over municipal and biodegradable waste to the service provider amounts to HRK 800.00.