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We are dedicated to smart waste management 365 days a year: Pilot project “This is How the Friends of the Environment Recycle”


Report  of the pilot project Check out How the Friends of the Environment Recycle  

Zagreb City Holding Ltd, Subsidiary Čistoća will implement a separate waste collection pilot project on a sample of 7000 citizens 17 March-17 May 2014.

During these two months, the citizens will deposit biodegradable and mixed municipal waste in special trash bags and cans in front of their apartment buildings and homes. Paper, glass, textile, plastic and metal waste will be deposited separately in the appropriate containers in the “recycling islands”.

Zagreb City Holding Ltd, Subsidiary Čistoća has provided a total of 200,000 mixed municipal waste trash bags and 100,000 biodegradable trash bags.

The project will include the residents of Horvatovac and Voćarska streets, parts of Dubrava and Sesvete, Zapruđe, the area between Zvonimirova, Bauerova, Dukljaninova and Lopašićeva streets, and the area between Donje Vrapče, Zvonimir Furtinger, Ivana Brlić Mažuranić and Ante Topić Mimara streets.

The trash cans for each individual type of waste will be recognisable by a particular colour: blue for paper, green for glass, yellow and grey for plastic and metal, purple for textile, brown for biowaste, and black for mixed municipal waste. Each trash can will come with an instruction label specifying the types of waste that can be deposited in this can, and the kinds of waste that cannot.

Biowaste will be collected once a week, mixed municipal waste will be collected twice a week, and paper, glass, plastic, metal and textile will be collected as needed. Bulky waste will be collected pursuant to applications submitted by citizens.

The objective of this project is to allow the citizens to separate waste in the location where it is produced and to determine the potential for reducing the amount of waste that ends up at the Jakuševec-Prudinec Landfill. By adopting such an approach, the City of Zagreb is preparing intensively for 1 July and for separate curbside collection of mixed municipal waste and biowaste.

The City of Zagreb has been investing substantial efforts in separate waste collection and recycling for 15 years. These efforts will double this year, since Zagreb is under obligation to put its Waste Management Centre in operation by 2018. As of 2018, waste in the City of Zagreb will be treated and used to recycle reusable raw materials and generate energy. The three important European waste solutions will facilitate the establishment of the Zagreb Waste Management Centre.  

We are dedicated to smart waste management 365 days a year: Pilot project Check out how the Friends of the Environment Recycle

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