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Mobile recycling centre in Brezovica City District open for business

Mobile recycling centre in Brezovica City District open for business
29 December 2020
A mobile recycling centre has opened for business at Donjodragonoška Cesta street, just past house number 8C. This is the second mobile recycling centre in Brezovica City District (the first one is in Prigradska Ulica street, at the 3rd intersection) and it is located at the Dragonožec Local Community.  Including the mobile recycling centres in Brezovica, there are 19 recycling centres in the City of Zagreb operating at the moment.
The mobile recycling centre at Dragonožec is fully computerised. In accordance with the Waste Management Regulation and the Recycling Centre Operation Rules, records will be made of the municipal waste collected and service users who have handed over waste
at the recycling centres. When using the recycling centre, citizens will be informed of the fact that the next time they come, they will be required to show their identity card and information about their service user reference code and facility code (this information can be provided by way of presenting an invoice, original or a copy). The technician in charge of the recycling centre will use the ID card presented and information about the service user reference code and facility code to enter that data in the records in accordance with the acts and subordinate legislation regulating waste management, but also in accordance with personal data protection regulations.
The waste that had been sorted by citizens and brought to the mobile recycling centre is stored there temporarily, as no waste processing takes place at the site, which means that waste management activities do not end at the recycling centre; instead, there is more frequent collection and removal of the sorted waste, which is ultimately managed by certified waste management companies. Citizens may hand over about thirty different types of waste separated at their households, for example paper, cardboard, plastic,
metal packaging, Styrofoam, old batteries, glass packaging, flat glass, expired medications, waste tyres (without rims, no more than four tyres), electronic waste, bulk waste and other.
Business hours of the mobile recycling centre are from Monday to Saturday, from 6.30 AM to 8 PM. The recycling centre is closed on Sundays and national holidays.
Contact details: 091 2678 171
Find more information at: Recycling Centres
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